Education Navigator is a group formed in 2012 with the aim to assist individuals in their pursuit of higher knowledge. We are here to lead you towards the path of getting your dream Doctorate degree. We will hold your hand and give you the right advice and support needed to complete the often tedious and time consuming admission process and the research process thereafter. Our impeccable track record of 100% success rate makes us a well-known name in the industry.

Our gamut of services includes admission, coordination and successful completion of your PhD research. Our partnership with many of the best UGC recognised colleges and universities make the admission process smooth. Our support programs are designed in such a way that we are able to assist in the completion of the course without disrupting the professional and personal life of the candidate.

We provide premier educational support with a unique professional edge that is unparalleled in India. Our highly trained professional counsellors offer admission guidelines and educational consultancy for any Indian Universities. With their able guidance, students are able to select the right professional course that will help further their career path.

Our dream is to provide an apt platform and bouncing board to all those students who aspire for a doctorate degree. We feel that everyone who has the hunger for advance knowledge must get the opportunity. If you are itching to explore and discover new things in your subject of interest, we are here to assist you. We have the capability, expertise and experience to transform your ideas into actions and your dream of a successful career into a reality.

Why A Mentoring Program:
Doing a PhD is indeed hard. However, the difficulty is not because extreme intelligence is necessary. Brilliance, of course, helps as brilliant people can attack hard problems and produce solid results and leave a permanent mark in the field. However, students with good academic background and some amount of creativity can also do a PhD, and do it quite well.

Research Courses (Ph.D & M.Phil – all Streams)
Our Support Specialties:-

Entrance Exam – Manage in First Stage
University Fee – Program 3yrs Fee (as per University)
Topic Selection – According to Research Field (Provided 3/4 topics with briefing)
Guide – Appointment of Guide (according to University’s registered list)
Synopsis Preparation – Research brief in 25-30 pages (app.)
RDC Meeting (at University) – Research Approval from University
Publications – International Research Journal
Seminars – National & International Mange Presence
Thesis Preparation – Research content of 300 pages (app.)
Viva (by University RDC) Presentation – Research Approval
Research Completion Certificate Award

we'll one over 30 Years of experience you always the best guidance